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Papahānaumokuākea Information Management System

Welcome to the Papahānaumokuākea Information Management System (PIMS) a web portal that provides managers, researchers and the public easily accessible information about the natural, cultural, and historic resources of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

The goal of PIMS is to “Consolidate and make accessible relevant information to meet the educational, management and research needs for the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument” (Monument Management Plan, 2008).

This system is evolving over time as user needs are identified. Tools currently under development include:
    • Online permit application and permit reporting interface
    • Species information search and mapping
    • Digital media
    • Other management and mapping tools

Recent News:
Welcome to the the PMNM Spatial Bibliography version 2.11.  Click here to see the latest search tool interface and experience the improved performance and usability.